Sampling of poems


unstructured time

bagel breakfast 
crossword puzzle unsolved 
perhaps an afternoon stroll 
at the water’s edge 

to look for scallop shells 
and fossil-etched rocks 
listen to squawking seagulls 
guess which way the tide’s moving 

yes it’s a plan but first 
fret over chores not done 
check email 
have a chat with the cat 
admire the tiger lilies 
follow the unwinding mind 
into fantasy future and faded past 

finally ready to leave the house 
mustn’t forget the key

Published in The Weekly Avocet, #458, Sept. 11, 2021


Colorado Rain  

Clouds zoom in on thunder’s back  
The sky kneels to touch brown-red cliffs 
Slate-gray rain smacks sidewalks 
refills shallow ponds 
then stops abruptly  
like a child's tears  
Shadows play off the glistening rocks  
as they dry under the bright rays  
of the returning sun 

Published in The Avocet, Summer 2021 (print)



The glue that binds us 
has hardened and 
cracked in the cold 
war of lies and contempt. 
It no longer adheres. 
You can peel it off with ease, 
roll it between thumb and fingertips 
into a handful of dust. 
Make a wish and blow it away.

Published in Shot Glass Journal

(All poems © by Emily-Sue Sloane)