"We Are Beach Glass"   
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[ISBN: 978-1-66780-875-8]  

Full-length debut collection!

“We Are Beach Glass” invites the reader to walk with the poet as she contemplates life, love and aging in ways that are sometimes sobering, sometimes humorous, but always clear and honest. This collection celebrates the natural beauty of Sloane's native Long Island and takes the reader further afield to beloved people and places and into contemplations of issues such as climate change and America’s political divide. 


"In 'We Are Beach Glass,' rushing water can sing 'hallelujahs to April’s advancing warmth' and “a ribbed fabric sky / folds the midday light / into layered stripes.'  This is a book where the line takes a turn, and one meets a unique, unexpected thought." 
—Richard Bronson, Suffolk County Poet Laureate 2021–2023 

 "Whether exploring a congregation of whales off the coast of Cape Cod or delving into the memory of a child...Emily-Sue Sloane digs deep and brings us along for the ride....'We Are Beach Glass' is a book to be read slowly and savored for its insights that reveal lives lived within the framework of all its complexities."
—Barbara Southard, Suffolk County Poet Laureate 2019–2021

"Wonderful work, wonderful reading. Having spent my first 50 years enjoying living on Long Island, your poetry was a special gift for me as a reader. Such a wonderful place to play."
Charles Portolano, Editor, The Avocet

"In 'We Are Beach Glass,' Emily-Sue Sloane reveals the quiet wisdom of the natural world and the hard-won wisdom of a life well-observed. Her voice is strong, tender and immediate and, like a trusted friend, speaks necessary truth." 
—Weslea Sidon, author, The Fool Sings  

"Emily-Sue Sloane's poems are like gazing into a still, deep pool; you can imagine what is beneath the word-painting that she has conjured. But you also see your own reflection on the surface, and all that is behind you." 
—Patricia Shih, multiple national award-winning singer-songwriter, author, artist, filmmaker