“Morning in Retirement”
Accepted by Bards Annual 2024 [print]

"Love's Promise"
Oberon Poetry Magazine, 2023 [print]

Accepted by Nassau County Poet Laureate Society Review, 2024

“Yellow Arm of Destruction”
The Closed Eye Open/Maya's Micros (July 2024)

“Throwing Shade”
Accepted by Wild Roof Journal, Issue 27 (Sept. 2024)

“Untimely Death”
“Handful of Hope”
Accepted by Minute Musings

“Watching the Process”
Walt Whitman 205 Anthology [print]

“Mind Over Matter”
The Closed Eye Open, Issue XI, Spring 2024

“Shots Fired at Heckscher Park” 
Aired April 1, 2024 on radio
“The Morning Edition,” WNYC/NPR
First published in:
Panoply, a literary zine, issue 22, Fall 2022
(direct link to poem)

“Timely Reflections”
Suffolk County Poetry Review, 2024 [print]

"Sleepless in January"
Poetry Path: A Walk in the Park  chapbook [print]
Northport Village Poetry Path (Northport Arts Coalition) 2024 

"Winter Solstice"
Walt's Corner in The Long Islander, Vol. 185, issue 22 March 28, 2024 [print] 

"Moon Beaned"
The Weekly Avocet #588, March 9, 2024
First published in:
The Avocet, Winter 2021-22 [print]

The Avocet, Spring 2024
First published in:
The Closed Eye Open/Maya's Micros, June 2021 

"Garden Overgrown"
Rhyme and PUNishment NY, NJ, CT 2023 [print]

“At the Edge of Hunger”
Long Island Quarterly, Winter 2023-2024 

“Yellow Kayak in Winter”
Gyroscope Review, Issue 24-1, Winter 2024

"The Handoff"
"Before Winter"
The Weekly Avocet #564, Sept. 24, 2023

"A Familiar Tune"
Bards Annual 2023 [print]

"Planting Annuals"
The Weekly Avocet, March 23, 2024
First published in:
Bards Annual 2023 [print]

"the notes in my home" 
Front Porch Review, Volume 15, July 2023

"Allegory for the Ages"
"One-Way Bargain"
"Keeping House"
The Weekly Avocet #553, July 9, 2023

"the wind is stealing the tomatoes" 
The Avocet, Summer 2023 [print]

"The Last Gas Station" 
"A Moment of Grace" 
"Morning Walk" 
"A Nickel Apiece"
Evening Street Review, Fall 2023, Issue #39

"May Promises" 
NCPLS Review 2023 [print]

"Between the Hours of Darkness"
"The Midas Touch"
Long Island Sounds Anthology 2023 [print]

"High Fives" 
Bards Against Hunger, 10-Year Anniversary Edition, 2023 [print]

"September Came Early"
"Out from the Shadows"
"Hard Wood Wisdom"
The RavensPerch, May 21, 2023

Reprised in The Weekly Avocet, March 23, 2024

"The Handoff"
Suffolk County Poetry Review, 2023 [print]

"Spring Thaw at Lake Tahoe"
Walt's Corner in The Long Islander, April 20, 2023 [print]
Reprised in The Weekly Avocet, March 23, 2024

"If Only I Could Draw"
 "April Shower"
Poem in Your Pocket Day - April 27, 2023
Walt Whitman Birthplace Association Celebrates National Poetry Month

four haiku:
"morning glistens new"
"I stayed up all night"
"squirrel squawking above"
"sharks enter shallows"
The Weekly Avocet, issue #532, Feb. 12, 2023

"A Party"
PPA Literary Review, vol. 26, 2022 [print]

"The Anniversary"
MockingHeart Review, Volume 8, Issue 1 (February 2023)

Long Island Quarterly, Winter 2022-2023

"Late Afternoon"
The Weekly Avocet, issue #520, Nov. 20, 2022

"Freedom Canceled"
Mobius Magazine, November 2022, vol. 33, no. 4
(direct link to poem)

"About Forgiveness" 
Front Porch Review, October 2022 issue, vol. 14

"Autumn Ritual"
The Avocet, Fall 2022 [print]

"No Choice"
Rumors, Secrets & Lies Anthology
Anhinga Press, 2022 [print]

"Open Mic"
Bards Annual 2022 [print]

"After the Last Curtain Call" (2022 Winner, Second Place)
"Coffee Break" (2021 Winner, First Place)
 Nassau County Poet Laureate Society Review (Vol. IX, 2021-2022)

"Glacial Change"
"Changing Habitat"
The Weekly Avocet, Issue #497, June. 11,  2022; #508, Aug. 27, 2022

Panoply, a literary zine, Issue 21, Spring 2022
(direct link to poem)

"Earthly Concerns"
 "High Art"
"Why I Could Never Make It as a Diplomat"
Muddy River Poetry Review, MRPR #26, Spring 2022

"A Party"
Suffolk County Poetry Review, 2022 [print]

"An Invisible Cloak"
Dear Vaccine - Global Voices Speak to the Pandemic
Global Vaccine Poem
Kent State University Press, Spring 2022

"Out of Sync"
"Older and Smaller"
Paumanok Transition, 2021
"Winter Meditation"
The Weekly Avocet, Issue #475, Jan. 8, 2022

Performance Poets Association Literary Review, 25th Anniversary Issue, Vol. 25 [print]
First place winner in the PPA's 25th Annual Poetry Contest 2020-2021

"If Only I Could Draw"
Bards Annual 2021 [print]

"the work to be done"
Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, vol. 32/4 Winter 2021

"Autumn's Leaving"
The Weekly Avocet, Issue #469, Nov. 26, 2021
The Weekly Avocet, issue #576, Dec. 16, 2023

"We Are Beach Glass"
The Long-Islander, Walt's Corner [print]
Nov. 11, 2021

"Rush Hour"
The RavensPerch
Sept. 11, 2021

"A Greek Tragedy"
The Poeming Pigeon: From Pandemic to Protest
The Poetry Box, Oct. 2021

"unstructured time"
The Weekly Avocet, issue #458, Sept. 11, 2021

"The Garden Party"
Blue ribbon/first place winner in the Long Island Fair's 2021 Poetry Contest (adult, free verse category)

"The Writing on the Wall"
Twin Towers, Twin Decades: Poetry for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
Local Gems Press, 2021

"Love's Wakeup Call"
First place winner in the Nonconformity category of the Princess Ronkonkoma Productions 2020-21 Poetry Contest

"Colorado Rain"
The Avocet, Summer 2021 [print]
Reprised in The Weekly Avocet, #603, June 22, 2024

"Whales of Summer"
Amethyst Review, July 2021

"The Myth of Backyard Tranquility"
 The Weekly Avocet, issue #445, June 12, 2021

"Blurred Lines"
Finalist in Babylon Arts Council 2021 Poetry Contest

"Coffee Break"
First place winner in the Nassau County Poet Laureate Society 2021 Poetry Contest
Anthology to be published in 2022

"April in Glen Cove Back When I Was Young" (Winner in the Poetry category)
"First Day on Holiday"
Escape — CAW Anthology, Spring 2021 [print]

"Fog Horn"
PoetryBay — Long Island Quarterly, Winter 2020-21

"Candlemas -- Midpoint of Winter"
Amethyst Magazine, February 2021

"Crunch Time"
Front Porch Review, Vol 13, January 2021 (p.9)

"Orange and Black: Beyond Haiku"
"Flag Waving" 
Never Forgotten: 100 Poets Remember 9/11, the 20th Anniversary Anthology, North Sea Poetry Scene Press, 2020 [print]

"The Baker"
Boston Literary Magazine, December 2020 

"Something's Not Right" (Winner in the Poetry category)
"Untold Stories"
Hope -- CAW Anthology Winter 2020  [print]

"Shelter in a Chelsea Storm"
 Performance Poets Association, Literary Review, Vol. 24, 2020 [print]

"A Sunday Morning Hike Imagined During Quarantine"
"Collateral Damage"
CORONA, an anthology of poems, Walt Whitman Birthplace Association [print]

"Pop-Up Thunderstorm"
Bards Annual 2020 [print]

"In the Face of Retirement"
"Play to Win"
"The Tao of Resistance"
The Poet's Art, November 2020 [print]

"Not the Founders' Dream"
"Just Enjoy Life"
"Turning Point"
CHAOS: A Poetry Vortex, Local Gems Press, 2020 [print]

"Two Hawks"
Suffolk County Poetry Review 2020, Local Gems Press [print]

"Feathered Jewels"
The Weekly Avocet, issue #398, July 19, 2020

"Tattered Nation"
Front Porch Review, Vol. 12, July 2020  (p.36)

"Early Warning"
 The Avocet, Summer 2020 [print]

Trees in a Garden of Ashes, Poetry of Resilience, Local Gems Press, 2020 [print]
Reprised in The Avocet, Spring 2021 [print] 

"The Death of Civility"
"In Memoriam"
Shot Glass Journal, Muse-Pie Press, Issue 31, May 2020

"Prime Real Estate"
Amethyst Review, April 21, 2020 

"April Shower" 
The Weekly Avocet, issue #384, April 11, 2020

"Thrill Seeker" 
Amethyst Review, March 2020 

"Holidays with the Folks" 
Front Porch Review, Vol. 12, January 2020 (p. 33)

"Winter’s Late Arrival" 
The Avocet, Winter 2020 [print]

"Leisure Day at the Beach" 
Bard’s Annual 2019, Local Gems Press [print]

"It Ain’t Easy Being Green" [essay] 
Front Porch Review, Vol. 11, July 2019  (p. 40)

"Night Sky" 
The Weekly Avocet, issue #359, Oct. 20, 2019 

"Out of Sync" 
The Front Porch Review, Vol 11, April 2019 (p. 50)

"Priests’ Chamber, Great Pyramid at Giza" 
Medicinal Purposes, A Literary Review, Vol I [print]

"The Orchard at St. Francis Retreat House, Oyster Bay, NY" 
Performance Poets Association, Literary Review, 1997 [print]